Essential Success Skills for Women

Essential Success Skills for 21st Century Women

Educators and workforce experts have often raised the awareness that our students need improved 21st century skills to be fully ready to embrace the demands of our global society and that without these skills, they will not be able to successfully participate and compete in the global economy. 

Young girls and women happen to be the critical focus of this student population. We want our women to be adequately prepared for college and career. 

Thus, it imperative for our women to educate themselves on these essential success skills, not only to promote gender equality but also to address a large range of 21st-century challenges such as poverty, lack of personal safety or security, ethnic or religious discrimination, poor nutrition, and lack of access to good health facilities.

But what, exactly, are 21st century skills? Are we just talking about computer and technology skills? And who decides which skills make the list?


Learning skills (the four C’s) educates women about the mental processes required to adapt and improve upon a modern work environment. Literacy skills (IMT) focuses on how women can discern facts, publishing outlets, and the technology behind them.
There’s a strong focus on determining trustworthy sources and factual information to separate it from the misinformation that floods the Internet. Life skills (FLIPS) take a look at intangible elements of a Woman’s everyday life.
These intangibles focus on both personal and professional qualities. Here are a list of critical 21st century skills that women need to develop:


The first 4 listed essential skills are categorized as your LEARNING skills, 5-7 are classified as your LITERACY skills, and 8-12 are your LIFE skills.

Create a checklist for yourself and find out whether or not you have been exposed to or mastered any of these skills. Empowering women through education on these 21st century essential success skills is the most important tool that can help break the pattern of gender discrimination and bring lasting change for our women.